9 Hours Movie Marathon with Systane

Join me for a movie marathon for 9 hours with Systane on 20 July 2017. Do not roll your eyes and think that your eyes will go all dry and tired from the movies or being exposed to bright lights for 9 hours.

I know many of you including myself struggle with dry and irritated eyes. More so when we look at our phones, tablets, gadgets or watch movies for hours. This discomfort is commonly known as Digital Eye Strain. Naturally our eyes will blink to form a tear film to moisturise and protect the eye. However, many of us including yours truly here suffer from dry eyes whereby our tear glands do not produce enough tears, resulting in our eyes being dry.

This “Don’t Wait. Hydrate.” blockbuster movie marathon for 9 hours will be loads of fun as the folks at Systane will be sharing with us tips of eye care and treating us to the block buster movies complete with free meals, snacks and a Systane gift pack! The gift pack will allow you to watch the movies in comfort whole offering your eyes long-lasting relief for dry and tired eyes.

To score free passes and get a chance to watch the recent blockbuster hits:
• Visit and like the Systane Malaysia Facebook page
Like the featured post on top of the Facebook page which says “Systane Eye Drops provide fast, long-lasting relief for tired or dry eyes.”
Answer in the comment section whether the statement above is TRUE or FALSE and tag a friend that you want to bring along with you to win two tickets.

Hurry because the contest ends on 11 July 20017!

Systane will choose 30 winners together with a friend to enjoy nine hours of three back to back movies with free meals, snacks and a Systane gift pack on 20 July 2017 at mmCineplexes @ eCurve. Winners will be notified through Facebook Messenger and their names will be announced on Systane’s Facebook page.

For more information on Systane’s “Don’t Wait. Hydrate.” blockbuster movie marathon, visit Systane Malaysia’s Facebook Page at 

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