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Love porridge? Then a visit to Kenny's Food Cart is a must. And a new reason to head in to Kenny's Food Cart is because they now have a lovely new home in Aman Suria where you can pop over for lunch and dinner plus a bigger menu too.

Post running, hurdles and loads of squats at my physio, I was famished. I also wanted something comforting after being stood up for a delivery for the 2nd time back to back. I could rant on and on about these folks but heck, life is too short to grow wrinkles over such people. So it was some comforting porridge at Kenny's.

And of course I found myself returning for more and along the way discovering that menu did expand with salmon and pork belly added onto the menu too. Dragged along a friend too since they say sharing is caring.

Ol skool comforting hot broth cooked and served by a pair of friendly father and son. It is funny that I have been going to Kenny's old place for the longest time before we met officially as runners. Yes...this brilliant chef is also a runner!
A more varied menu and little birds say more will be added on to the menu.
There is also a lunch menu!

The classic and signature Teng Chai Chuk is a must have here but since I have always been eating that on all visits at their old home, I made a pact that I will try all other items before I order Teng Chai Chuk.
Kenny's Food Cart
Smooth and utterly comforting Dried Oyster, Dried Scallop and Slice Fish Porridge RM8.50 
Kenny's Food Cart
Minced Pork Noodle Soup RM7.50. A generous serving of mince meat, meat balls and loads of Chinese cabbage to add more sweetness to the soup. And I bet Kenny's dad also intended that we all eat our vegetables at every meal!
Kenny's Food Cart
Yee mee noodles. Looks can be deceiving because this is actually tossed with a
generous portion of lard. 
Kenny's Food Cart
Stewed Soy Chicken is new and very popular. Good with rice or if you like, noodles go just as well. One thing we noted that no one wasted the soy sauce. They eater slurped it on its own or had fellow diners adding it into their porridge!
Kenny's Food Cart
Pork Belly RM7.90 served with rice. But the folks here are easy so even if you want it with noodles, the request is accepted. One our second visit, the hubster had this pork belly with rice while Jo Lyn opted for noodles. A nice balance of fat and lean meat. The sauce is pretty much the same as the Soy Sauce Chicken but richer in taste because of the pork.
Kenny's Food Cart
Pork belly with added egg. A closer look at the meat, I can see why the diners and my hubster would reorder this again and again, Good job Kenny with the meat choice and cooking!
Kenny's Food Cart
The simplicity of fluffy rice with lard and topped with spring onions and black sesame. The older folks will definitely remember this preparation especially post World War 2. When I saw this rice presentation, it brought back much memories of my late Godma who told me how tasty this was during her growing up days. 
Kenny's Food Cart
Salmon Noodles RM10 . Opt for a soupy or a dry version.Kenny's Food Cart
Salmon Porridge RM10. Smooth goodness like all their porridge with the rich tasty goodness of slice salmon topped with fried vermicelli. 

And if you want nibbles to add on to your meals, then I highly recommend the fish paste. Kenny's signature from once upon a time and it is still so good. Of course in my case, I will always call for extra eggs whether in the form of braised egg or even the good old fashion century eggs that go well on its own or added into porridge.
Kenny's Food Cart
Fish paste RM4
Kenny's Food Cart
Nicely fried and moist inside
Kenny's Food Cart
Soy egg RM1.50
Kenny's Food Cart
Century Egg RM1.50

We found ourselves returning again and again. No reason not to do so. The food is good. The people are friendly (not because Kenny is a friend - I visited them in their old place on a regular basis even before we became friends). Food is affordable even in their new home with higher overheads. 
Once upon a time
An open kitchen that we can watch Kenny and team passionately at work.
The new home is a shop lot where one can dine in comfort.
Kenny's Food Cart is wallet and stomach friendly!
Happiness is a yummy bowl of porridge! I will be back soon!

The menu is still expanding and I hope that this soup makes its way to the menu soon. Something that Kenny's dad served us on one of our visits. Borsch soup but even yummier. Tangy, savoury and hints of spiciness. A nice bite with some chicken bits in it too. 
Kenny's Food Cart

Congrass once again on your new shop. Keep up the good work of whipping up delicious and simple meals like these.
Kenny's Food Cart
K-G-11 Jalan PJU 1/43
Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya
T: . Tel: +603 74972199

Tuesdays to Sunday
• 1130am-230pm
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