Happy Birthday Malaysia - Jom Makan at Makan Kitchen

Makan Kitchen, Double Tree

Happy 60th birthday Malaysia and Malaysians!

I am celebrating 60 years of independence with a runcation from Perak to Terengganu as a crew and pacer for Coast to Coast (will story later when I am home but you can follow my updates on Instagram). And if you are celebrating the long weekends in Kuala Lumpur, head over to Makan Kitchen in Double Tree for a food trail of Malaysia. An utterly delicious affair that I would love to return for another take once I am back home. I do have until 16 September (Malaysia Day to enjoy the feast!). There is also the option of daily dinner too in case you are away during the weekends like me.

FREEBIES: JBL Fun Run 2017

5km fun run! Yes, I do enjoy shorter fun distances too especially when I know it is a distance that I can have the company of my not hardcore running pals, music loving ones and most of all, my lil troopers! Join me for an evening of fun during JBL Fun Run 2017 on Saturday 30th September 2017 at Shah Alam. A very fun 5km with loads of music and activities including games and yummy food trucks!

Cancer and Immunotherapy

MSD Blogger Workshop
You don’t need cancer to be affected by cancer. 
You can have cancer and not look like you have cancer.

It is a yoyo feeling when you see friends or loved ones battle cancer. Some win the battle, some lose it. And having been a caregiver the last few years makes cancer a pet topic and ongoing concern for me.

Char Kuew Teow @ Restaurant 友记 N-Kee

Char Kuew Teow @ Restaurant 友记 N-Kee

I busted my detox schedule because my mind and dreams over the weekend were all about CKT CKT CKT that Darren and Wijay both shared last week. So after this morning's training and meeting, I knew I had to have my char kueh teow or risk not sleeping properly. And off we went to have my cravings satisfied at a kopitiam Restaurant 友记 / N-Kee in Ara Damansara.

Hard Rock Cafe Crowd Favorites

No visit to Hard Rock Cafe is ever boring. There is always a rockstar to tickle one's taste buds. And a recent visit revealed a new menu with limited-time menu making its way to being a permanent feature. And what makes it extra awesome for me personally is seeing some vegetarian items on centre stage! Carnivorous creatures like my hubster too took delight with some very meaty items.

Sunday Steak Sandwiches Recipe

Sundays are meant to be easy days. No hard and fast rule about meals. It is also the day that I get to play around in the kitchen a lot more when inspiration hits a note or two. The recent weekend's Sunday Steak Sandwich came along because I was having the urge to clear the fridge and because I craved a sandwich.

Gin Rik Sha - A Spicy Affair


Reasons to visit Gin Rik Sha in Bukit Damansara:
• It is along my running route.
• A lovely spicy menu including some seriously good spicy dishes.
• I miss Kerala and this has the best shrimps outside Kerala.
• It whips out serious, no nonsense cocktails.
• The positive vibes from the staff.

Runcation: Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL

Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL

...and the post "5 ways to wake up for a 5am run" by Men's Health Magazine reminded me of the morning that the hubster woke up at 4 plus so he could run with a bunch of us for Global Running Day hosted by The Westin KL.

While it is a norm for me to have my 5am run or training so that I can make it to office on time. While it was like any other day for me on 7th June, it was tad more fun and meaningful logging in my morning miles with many pairs of happy 2 feet and for a darn good cause with RM10 to the National Kidney Foundation for every kilometre that the media and guests ran on Global Running Day.