Char Kuew Teow @ Restaurant 友记 N-Kee

Char Kuew Teow @ Restaurant 友记 N-Kee

I busted my detox schedule because my mind and dreams over the weekend were all about CKT CKT CKT that Darren and Wijay both shared last week. So after this morning's training and meeting, I knew I had to have my char kueh teow or risk not sleeping properly. And off we went to have my cravings satisfied at a kopitiam Restaurant 友记 / N-Kee in Ara Damansara.

The Makan God (maybe Traffic God?) must have been kind because upon driving into the area, we had options of 3 parking lots waiting for us as soon as we arrived at the kopitiam. This was a surprise because as we entered the area, cars were all double parked. So definitely someone upstairs was been kind on a Monday👏.

A typical kopitiam but 3 stalls were extra busy - mixed rice, chicken rice and the CKT stall. The mixed rice must be pretty good judging by the family crowd that was there to do takeaways in tiffin carriers. I chatted with one old granny from Penang and she recommended that I should return for the mixed rice / chap fan the next time.

The hubster settled for Jackson Chicken Rice. RM8 for a pretty generous portion of mouth watering char siew (moist and nicely caramelised) and steamed chicken served with the soup of the day. 
Restaurant 友记 N-Kee

And for my CKT, it was worth the wait (a good 15 minutes). Quite a few orders to whip out and I realised that she was cooking each order individually. Not too oily but definitely full of wok hei and a generous serving of cockles (not the big ones but these small fellas are tasty too), 3 prawns, garlic, countless lapcheong (Chinese sausage) and loads of lard bits. RM7 including an additional fried egg. A nice bite with plump beansprouts and chives.
Char Kuew Teow @ Restaurant 友记 N-Kee

Not as spicy as I would like it to be but it is all good because this is definitely one of the better CKT that I have had for a long time! And the 2 packets of takeaway back to office proves to be just as delicious as the fresh ones that I had on the spot. I can't help but say that the fried egg (hor bao tan)
was perfectly executed with a runny yolk, smooth white and crispy edges.
Super friendly Aunty who has to cook and serve personally as she does not gave a helper at the moment. She did look familiar when I first saw her. Too busy to chat but I learnt that she was raised in Petaling Street. Time to return to chat her another time and of course to have another round of CKT as well.

So calling all CKT fans, head on to Restaurant 友记 / N-Kee. Be prepared for a wait but I assure you that it is all worth while.
Restaurant 友记 / N-Kee
G-G-12 Jalan PJU 1a/20e
Dataran Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya

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