Gin Rik Sha - A Spicy Affair


Reasons to visit Gin Rik Sha in Bukit Damansara:
• It is along my running route.
• A lovely spicy menu including some seriously good spicy dishes.
• I miss Kerala and this has the best shrimps outside Kerala.
• It whips out serious, no nonsense cocktails.
• The positive vibes from the staff.

And with that I now have a run route for my weekdays which ends with dinner and drinks at Gin Rik Sha. Never mind the route is a tad hilly but it is all worth it especially when I know that I will be feasting away and pumping in the calories. A simple and cozy set up which works out fine for me. Sweaty days, I will sit out. Less sweaty days, I will sit in to enjoy the air condition. 

As I pen this post, no doubts that my mouth is watering and my tummy is rumbling. The menu is straight forward, no beating around the bush. It tells you what is spicy, what is for sharing etc. Not too extensive but because the portions are generous, you are best going easy with your orders unless you have with you a bunch of ravenous dining companions. The staffs are always at hand to advise you accordingly.

It is a Friday and it is only right that I get to enjoy a few cocktails before the race and training season picks up again. Take your pick of cocktails, spirits, beers and craft beers. If you like mocktails, there's quite a good selection but many are here for the very spirited cocktails.
Cath's Gin Ginger RM35
An easy but appetizing cocktail start of Tanqueray gin, grapefruit juice, ginger and lemon juice.
Chai Whisky Sour RM38
Maker's Mark, homemade chai syrup, lemon, egg white and star anis. Your festive feel except Gin Rik Sha serves it all year long in a potent portion.
Gin Basil Smash RM38
Highly recommended if you love basil and can be caught nibbling on a big bag of basil instead of cooking with it - like me! Hendriks, lime juice, syrup and of course basil!
Spiced Whisky Sour RM38
Caution, the spiciness doesn't hit you at first sip. This is also not for the faint hearted. Maker's Mark, lemon juice and a homemade spiced syrup.
The magical concoction that goes into the Spiced Whisky Sour.

Service is pretty fast but rest assured that food's prepared only when you order. So enjoy your drinks, the ambience and you can nibble on simple tidbits like the Devilled cashews or popcorn tempura while your food is being prepped.
Cranberry Cream Cheese Crescent Bites RM20
Snap pics really quickly and dig into it fast. Warm and rich puff pastry generously filled with cream cheese and cranberry. Makes a perfect nibble anytime of the day. I reckon on a good day that I can't have any alcohol and I need to fuel up for a race, I will have a whole plate of this to myself with a cup of tea.
Mango Chicken Pappadoms RM18
Crispy cups of pappadoms filled with a refreshing mango salsa and spiced chicken topped with some sour cream. You cannot stop popping these into your mouth. It was so addictive that had we not ordered other items, the hubster wanted to order another plate for himself and in his words "these are not for sharing!"
Crunchy and refreshing touch of fresh cucumber, juicy mangoes, pepper and onion. Simply but brilliant bite with or without the chicken.
Spicy Crab Soup RM16
Crab rasam to ease digestion if you have eaten too much. Works just as well to work out an appetite!
The Chinese in me seeks the comfort of soup anytime of the day. And when I see rasam especially a good one like this with the pungent and spiciness of the spices that goes so well with the natural goodness of crabs, you will hear nothing from me but a big brilliant smile. Great on its own or together with the breads served on the side. 
Banana Leaf Baked Sea Bass RM36
All wrapped and it looks like a strange creature of sorts. Maybe a little like a camp too but what lays within in such a brilliant dish that the moment the paper is cut open, you will salivate. Watching the waiter skilfully cut the baking paper is akin to watching strip tease (I overheard from the table behind me!).
Fresh seabass with a rub of spices, baked to perfection with its juice retained thanx to the banana leaf and baking paper. 
Basmati rice under the seabass is filled with the beautiful flavours of the fish, spices and fragrant banana leave. I would call this another level of banana leaf rice! Don't take my words for it. You must try it for yourself! So good that the husbter nearly forgot that I am a slow eater and nearly devoured everything before I moved the dish away from him.
Mushroom and Broccoli Roti RM18
This is one delicious roti that would trick broccoli eaters into eating broccoli and not know they are eating brocolli. A vegetarian dish that doesn't seem vegetarian! Served with a side of delicious beetroot raita. 
Kerala Shrimp RM38
Fresh prawns with tamarind, spices and roasted coconut. Succulent and packs a punch. Goes really well with the rice we had from the baked sea bass. Goes just as well with the toast served on the side. This dish too definitely brought back the beautiful memories that I have of Kerala cuisine having spent 15 days there recently. It was as if I was back in Kerala minus the humid weather!
Tiramisu RM18
A sweet end to a spicy night. Creamy and comforting finish to the night. A tad sweet for me but works out well for the hubster who has a sweeter tooth that I do. Brilliant texture though and be careful not to breath in too close to the dish! Its a generous toss of cocoa powder there!
A simple set up. Quaint in its own way, relaxing spot in Damansara Heights. Ample parking in the evenings. Definitely highly recommended for dinner and drinks. 

And if you are popping by from now till 1st October 2017, you can enjoy 10% off your meal when you use the code MISSYFAVE (max of 3 uses for any FAVE deals) on the app FAVE (formerly known as Groupon). You can also pay for your meal using FAVE Pay!
Gin Rik Sha
37 Ground Floor
Plaza Damansara
Jalan Medan Setia 1
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2011 1266
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