Happy Birthday Malaysia - Jom Makan at Makan Kitchen

Makan Kitchen, Double Tree

Happy 60th birthday Malaysia and Malaysians!

I am celebrating 60 years of independence with a runcation from Perak to Terengganu as a crew and pacer for Coast to Coast (will story later when I am home but you can follow my updates on Instagram). And if you are celebrating the long weekends in Kuala Lumpur, head over to Makan Kitchen in Double Tree for a food trail of Malaysia. An utterly delicious affair that I would love to return for another take once I am back home. I do have until 16 September (Malaysia Day to enjoy the feast!). There is also the option of daily dinner too in case you are away during the weekends like me.

A buffet feast  of 80 regular items plus popular fares from Makan Kitchen chefs' hometowns. Absolutely colourful and delicious feast. My advise is to take a little of everything so that you can try everything! Then return for extras of the ones you like. This way there is no wastage too!

Available weekday dinners and weekends:
14 August – 16 September 2017
6:30pm to 10:30pm
Mondays till Sundays
RM135 nett per person

19 August – 16 September 2017
12:30pm to 4:00pm
Saturdays & Sundays
RM91 nett per person
** Weekends include special treats for the kids and pool access too!
Makan Kitchen's regular fare of 80 items plus the feature dishes freshly prepared.
Take note of the daily specials. I personally love the steam fish with ginger sauce!
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
3 layer tea from Sarawak
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
And the fun is always to have your coffee and tea made fresh before you. Some "tarik" action to produce the froth and bring out the flavours!
Made with loads of love and joy!
Freshly cooked mee mamak. There are 4 live stations for you to savour freshly prepared food right before your eyes.
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
Satay is good anytime especially when freshly grilled!
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
Kari Udang Nenas from Hilton Kota Kinabalu. 
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
Sarawak laksa is highly recommended. A rich and delightful broth, not too spicy and served with loads of chicken, prawns and julienned eggs. Second helping recommended!
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
Larkin Kacang Pool from Johor. A rich and satisfying slightly spicy (not hot) slow cooked beans with mince meat eaten with toast and sunny side up. A squeeze of lime juice for extra flavours!
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
Penang Fish Head Curry that calls for extra rice. I must admit that I ate quite a bit of rice that night because of this dish. Thankfully I have a few races in the next 2 weeks to burn the calories!
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
If you love soups, then make sure you do not miss this Nyonya Itik Tim. A very appetizing slow boiled soup of preserved mustard with duck. With the current hot spell, this soup is also good to cool down the body. Of course if you like a lighter soup, you can always opt for the soups of the day from the Chinese section of Makan Kitchen.
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
Roast duck - a popular dish in Makan Kitchen and it received roaring praises from my dining companions. Flavourful, crispy skin and tender flesh. 
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
Secret to the crispy skin is to patiently bath the roast duck with hot oil. 

Nasi briyani was definitely one of the most memorable dish from the buffet line. Aromatic long grain rice was addictive with bits of raisins and cashew nuts for extra bite. Good enough on its own and when you couple it with the curries or in this case mutton, it is a carbo loading galore. A tip is to eat this with some of the local salads from the salad bar. I personally loved it with the mango kerabu!
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
Take your pick of the local salads. The kerabu works really well to whet your appetite and make your stomach juices work hard to digest your meal (so you can eat more😉)
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
And when you visit during the weekends, make sure you check out the popcorn. Curry flavour if you feel like an adult though I personally love the rich caramel ones.
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
Popular local kuehs for dessert.
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
If you have a sweet tooth, do not miss out Makan Kitchen's take at ais kacang served with cotton candy. Get through the delightful cotton candy and have your ais kacang. Looks hard? Looks too much? We all thought so too but as we progressed, we realised that most of us had no trouble finishing our dessert. It was too fun doing so.
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree
Ais kacang inside the cotton candy is such a brilliant idea!

A delightful night out at Makan Kitchen made possible by these amazing and innovative chefs. Check them out from now till 16 September 2017. Enjoy the feast with your loved ones and friends!

Makan Kitchen
Doubletree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur
The Intermark
348 Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2172 7272