Runcation: Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL

Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL

...and the post "5 ways to wake up for a 5am run" by Men's Health Magazine reminded me of the morning that the hubster woke up at 4 plus so he could run with a bunch of us for Global Running Day hosted by The Westin KL.

While it is a norm for me to have my 5am run or training so that I can make it to office on time. While it was like any other day for me on 7th June, it was tad more fun and meaningful logging in my morning miles with many pairs of happy 2 feet and for a darn good cause with RM10 to the National Kidney Foundation for every kilometre that the media and guests ran on Global Running Day.

A little staycation for us as we took a midweek break from our kids and stayed at The Westin KL. Checked in after work. The usual Westin welcome came along with a comforting whiff of White Tea filling the air the moment we walked into the lobby. Tea lights were lighted up and we had our welcome drink. Can't quite recall what it was but definitely a refreshing welcome after a day at work.

Checked into our comfy room with a view of after work KL traffic that I was super pleased that I wasn't part of it that day! The staycation was definitely on a right note with a basket of fruits and some lovely EAT WELL was definitely the theme for the snacks in the room. They were intended to be our pre run fuel or a late night nibble but I had other plans for it. The dark chocolate and some of the fruits were to be my appetizer before our dinner.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Cozy and I didn't want to leave my room or the bed. 
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Eating rainbows
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Do you know that chocolate lowers blood pressure? Well, in moderate amounts of course!

A luxurious but quick shower with WESTIN's famous Heavenly Rain Shower coupled with the White Tea toiletries. I wanted to soak in the long bath but reckon that would be a better idea the next day after my run. While I loved the idea of soaking in bath tubs, I am also concerned with water wastage so bath tub soaks are very much only at max once a week and for a good reason.

An EAT WELL dinner with the rest of the guests. A simple but very tasty menu that was pescatarian friendly. Coupled with good company of the other guests and fellow runner Alex Au Yong @ Xtramiler. A chap who runs for a reason and with his heart. And even before our run happened, I knew that it was definitely going to be a fabulous one especially when Alex was leading us!
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Runner and funny man Alex
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Celery, cucumber and lime. Doesn't look pretty but it was utterly delicious and refreshing
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Butternut and apple soup. Comforting and warm goodness at the end of a work day is always a welcome. So good that everyone wiped their bowls clean with Prego's very yummy freshly baked bread.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Wild salmon with cherry tomatoes and baby spinach. Definitely my kind of happy food. Cooked just right and still a little pink with a lightly caramelised and crispy skin.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Warm dark chocolate and walnut cake. A pretty garden for dessert. A lovely texture of everything, hot and cold to end the dinner. No doubt this sealed us all in a food coma. A feeling that I get every time I dine in Prego.

Tummy's filled and we head up to rest for the night. Honestly, the company was so good but it was a good idea to retire to bed early if we all wanted to wake up nice and early for a 5am run.

Back in our room and our gears were ready. One nice thing that I appreciate when staying in any WESTIN hotels is their gear lending option. For a small fee of USD5 or the local currency equivalent, guests can travel light and still have their workout without worrying about extra clothes and sweaty laundry. The gears included a tee, shorts, socks, new insoles and New Balance shoes. For the month of June, it included reflective wristbands and light-up sneaker clips too!
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Chamomile tea to lull us to sleep. Some homemade granola were also sent to our rooms with the tea for us to snack on before we flag off.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
 Gear Lending also comes in handy for guests who have not packed their exercise gears and have last minute urges to work out during their how the husbter was motivated to burn some calories during one of our stays in WESTIN Singapore.

Another warm shower and I retired to bed after a cup of Chamomile tea. Was tempted to nibble on some of the muesli bar in the room but thought that I might as well do justice to it by having it for a pre run snack the next morning. Off to bed on our Heavenly Bed. The hubster snored within seconds...tired from the day, satisfied from dinner and because the Heavenly Bed is just too sleep friendly. So sleep friendly that I had problems prying him out of bed for our run!
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Heavenly Bed with a dab of Lavendar Balm. No wonder Yochana missed the morning wake up call!

I guess everyone must have slept well. Bright eyed and very eager to run when we all assembled at the lobby. A quick warm up and some stretching led by the fitness team at the hotel's gym and we were off.

Kuala Lumpur is a very lively city. While at 5nish in the morning, it was generally serene and quiet but it offered us another view of the city. Many have not ran in the city at that hour. Neither would they be up and about in the city at that time, so it was an eye opener of sorts for them. An easy run for all of us, chatting along the way and soaking in the views of the city.

Definitely an awesome bunch of people who put in an extra loop in KLCC park so that more money could be raised for the National Kidney Foundation. It is a very beautiful and safe route to run. For those who are travelling and staying at WESTIN, they have a Run Concierge to bring you for a run around the your choice WESTIN hotel. I had the same at WESTIN Langkawi too. Nice having a concierge for run company and giving me a tour while training at the same time.
Rise and shine! Time to run!
5am and everyone's bright and chirpy. Smiley and all ready to flag off.
Our run route and this is similar to the one that the Run Concierge will bring the guest through.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
The whole road is ours!
Warm up, stretching and cool down are essentials for every run.
Always make sure you are visible when running at night or early in the morning. Reflective gears such as these are good to alert motorist.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Do you know where this is? We have a Japanese bridge in the middle of the CBT.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Running safe and keeping to the pavements most of the time.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Clip on lights that looked very Tron-like
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Run Concierge and Alex bring us through a very picturesque Kuala Lumpur

Glowing in the dark

Back in the hotel. A quick wash up and it is breakfast. An apt set up by the poolside for us. No points for guessing but I definitely had my laps at the pool too. Breakfast was all clean eats with the SuperFoodsRx. Delicious clean eats with carefully . And calorie conscious ones could be opt for egg white omelettes.

The early morning run left no one tired or sluggish. The group was still very chirpy over breakfast. Loads to eat and pick from the buffet line. That is definitely a good idea since one should always breakfast like a King. Plus after the morning run of 7-8km, it definitely left everyone famished.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Breakfast by the pool! Opt for a swim or check out the water exercises that The Westin Kl offers as well including the aqua bike.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
One of my favourites were this wild smoked salmon with rocket salad and olives.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
Fennel salad in a jar -  fennel is recommended for those with iron deficiency. High in iron and it contained histidine, an amino acid helpful in treatment of anemia.
Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL
My first round with pan fried salmon, mushrooms, broccoli, pumpkin and spinach omelette.

Running for fun and running for a good cause. THANX for the awesome invite The WESTIN KL! It was definitely a nice staycation or I would say runcation for me and the hubster. THANX for leading us for the very enjoyable run too Alex!

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