Moonriver Lodge

Moonriver Lodge

Moonriver Lodge - Our Check Point 3 during the recent Coast to Coast race was described as a 6 stars stop for us and it certainly did tickle my curiosity. Had a quick glance of it online and I must say that after approximately 150km and 2 other CPs that were basic shelters and one (almost closed - bloke waited till he has served us some stuff that we bought from him) rest stop, Moonriver was definitely 6 stars complete with clean toilets, hot water shower and soft comfy beds.

Lemony Tuna Pasta

In a bid to clear the fridge and larder (yes I am still trying to clear them) plus a need to carbo load for the weekend's training menu, I decided on Lemony Tuna Pasta. I have no idea how I ended up with 12 lemons in the fridge, 11 cans of tuna and heaven knows why so many bags of pasta when I only need to feed 2 humans at home.


Get ready for a night of fun with splashes of colours. Dance, walk and run through different themed ultraviolet music zones while being splashed with ILLUMI Glow Water presented by MPI Generali Insurans Bhd. Lock your calendars for Saturday 13th January 2018 along with 8,000 other runners! You also can stay back after the run for a music festival!

Madam Kwan: Her Untold Story & Beloved Recipes

The name Madam Kwan will make you salivate. Running through your mind right now could be curry laksa, nasi lemak, nasi bojari, beef rendang, petai prawns. For your sanity, head in to Madam Kwan's for your meal after this and if you love cooking, then make sure you grab a copy of Madam Kwan's book.