Madam Kwan: Her Untold Story & Beloved Recipes

The name Madam Kwan will make you salivate. Running through your mind right now could be curry laksa, nasi lemak, nasi bojari, beef rendang, petai prawns. For your sanity, head in to Madam Kwan's for your meal after this and if you love cooking, then make sure you grab a copy of Madam Kwan's book.

YES, this friendly petite grandma has just launched a book Madam Kwan: Her Untold Story And Beloved Recipes. A compilation of 25 favourite recipes including the dishes mentioned above. This recipe book also offers you a glimpse into her life. 

A cili padi in her own right rising stronger after each fall from losing her sons, her business and now an owner of 8 restaurants. Adding to her repertoire, she has also launched her own Curry Paste RM13.90 nett. Hopefully we see other new paste in the making too.
Grab the curry paste and “Madam Kwan: Her Untold Story And Beloved Recipes” at all Madam Kwan’s outlets. The book retails at RM89 nett while the Madam Kwan’s Curry Paste. For gifting purposes, you can purchase the book and curry paste set at RM100 nett, which comes in a special tote bag. 

I couldn't put the book down as soon as I laid my hand on an autograph copy. It is so easy to read and her stories are poignant. One can't help but wonder what a strong lady she is both emotionally and physically. Till today, she is up at the break of dawn to be at Madam Kwan's central kitchen to  run through all the ingredients. A very independent lady at the age of 84 (Chinese age is always one year more than one's actual age) who drives herself everywhere including for her daily visit to the Pavilion outlet where she spends a few hours daily to mingle to with diners.
Friendly, bubbly and humble. Saying hello and acknowledging each guest as they made their way into the restaurant for the launch today.
One common trait that I have with Madam Kwan, we both come from Kluang, Johor. OK, you can also say we are both petite too. Was happily chatting with her about our hometown and my high school. Absolutely charming and sweet! THANX for the pic Max!

25 recipes in the book and I am pretty excited to try them all out. Each recipe is written clearly with lovely pictures to guide and inspire.
Authored by her grand daughter Catherine and pieced together over 3 years with her family.
Madam Kwan: Her Untold Story & Beloved Recipes
Curry laksa
Madam Kwan: Her Untold Story & Beloved Recipes
Curry fish head

Perhaps I could start with the Chicken Curry since I have a packet of the Curry Paste with me!
1kg chicken (without skin)
500ml fresh coocnut milk
200g Madam Kwan's Curry Paste

• Fry curry paste on low heat in a pot.
• When there is a fragrant smell, stir in chicken pieces and cook for 3-5 minutes.
Madam Kwan: Her Untold Story & Beloved Recipes
• Add coconut milk and simmer on medium heat for 20 minutes. Stir until well cooked and gravy thickens.
Madam Kwan: Her Untold Story & Beloved Recipes
• Serve with rice.

Those wanting to get a signed copy of the book and meet Madam Kwan herself can do so at the outlets:
• Pavilion KL 30th September between 3pm-5pm
• Mid Valley Megamall 7th October between 3pm-5pm

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