Queen's Baton Relay

Queen's Baton Relay
An honour and definitely an experience of a lifetime to be a participant of the Malaysian leg for the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay (QBR) earlier today. Perfect blue skies was definitely a reminder of all my good times in Gold Coast especially when I ran the Gold Coast Airport Marathon for 10km and full marathon (twice). A bucket list to return for another round of Gold Coast Marathon and an ultra marathon next year.

Meanwhile, love for Gold Coast (fondly known as my second home) goes a bit deeper with QBR. Gathered nice and early with my Gold Coast alumni folks like ChoonYuen, Jamie, Jessie, LiLeen, Max and Nick. Most of the awesome pics and memories from this morning was also made possible thanx to them and our local journalist / photographer ET Tey who actually ran along with us along the route to capture our pics.

Here's what took place:
Queen's Baton Relay
#Borobi - I won't deny that my excitement ever since I was told last week that I would be part of QBR was partially because of this cute blue colour surfing koala and official mascot for XXI Commonwealth Games in 2018. Jumped out of bed earlier so that I could train before making my way to for the relay on time. Smiled ear to ear and jumped with glee as soon as I spotted him. Yes...ran over for my pic as fast as possible so that Max could help me snap a pic!
Jump for joy. Holding on super tight to the baton. The Queen’s Baton will travel on an epic journey covering 230,000km in 388 days. 
A must have picture with my Gold Coast Alumni. Thank you for having us as part of the relay team Tourism Queensland!
Edan Syah
Hello Edan! Met him after I ran my first Gold Coast Airport Marathon in 2015. Absolutely inspiring, a good runner and humble. LiLeen and Jessie are also my running buddies.
Our team was the fourth to be flagged off. A short run of 1.3km but we all took turns to hold the baton. Weighing 1.4kg, this baton is not your ordinary baton. A beautiful piece of art that symbolises the past, present and future made of Macadamia wood, stainless steel and reclaimed plastic. Read up more about the baton and follow its epic journey with an embedded GPS on
Queen's Baton Relay
An absolute joy that I was able to hold the baton for a short distance with Edan before we passed it on to others.
No doubt that friendly and cuddly cute Borobi was an attraction for everyone. Highly sought after for pics by almost everyone!
And naturally I had another picture taken...And if you are crazy over Borobi like I am, check out for merchandise. 
Queen's Baton RelayQueen's Baton Relay

And while the teams took their turns for the relay, the Gold Coast team had our good fun at the Milo truck and snapped loads of other pictures. Spot the difference between the picture on the left and right. Comment below what the difference is and what it signifies. The most accurate and/or creative answer will win a pair of socks from my favourite socks people at Steigen Sports.

PS: It has nothing to do with how the pictures were cropped!

A little running during the relay but there is nothing to stop us from eating loads at The New Chapter by Owls Cafe. Good coffee, good food, loads of laughter and loads of planning to make sure that we all return to Gold Coast in 2018 for Gold Coast Marathon! Of course we had Borobi for company...I promise you this is the last picture of Borobi (at least for this post!).
THANK YOU ET Tey for all the awesome pics that you have been snapping for us during races. A photographer and runner himself, he's always at races even on his off days. When he runs in a race, it is never for himself. He runs with a supply of food, gels, sprays etc to aid fellow runners while snapping away too. Not sure how he does it but he is definitely one passionate runner!

Definitely a fun way to spend Tuesday and making the best of taking a day off from work! Here's some facts and trivias about Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018)
• The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games will be staged from 4 – 15 April 2018.
• It will be the 21st Commonwealth Games and the 5th time that Australia will be hosting the Commonwealth Games.
• #GC2018 will generate an estimated $2 billion economic impact and create up to 30,000
full-time equivalent jobs.
• The 11-day XXI Commonwealth Games will be hosted at Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns.

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games is 5 months plus away. It is never too early to plan for vacations, runcations and getaway so how about visiting Gold Coast to support Team Malaysia at the Games next April? There's also loads to do in Gold Coast including beach bumming, weekend markets, trendy cafes, surfing and more (I will share a more detailed post soon on what to do in Gold Coast).

For now, I know I am making preps to visit Gold Coast again. And if all works out well with my 2018 race calendars, it might just be a double visit for Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games which happens during my birthday week and for my third attempt of the Gold Coast Marathon.

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