Race Review: AXA Hearts In Action Run 2017

Running for a cause is definitely fun and satisfying. Spent a Sunday morning running a gorgeous route of rolling hills at MAEPS, Serdang for the third edition of AXA Hearts In Action Run 2017. Sunny skies, a cool breeze and running through the very green Agro park with visible morning mist was definitely one of the best runs I have had this year.

I didn't quite start my run on the right note with parking and bad tummy woes but that did nothing to dampen the positive vibes from fellow runners. I guess there must be something about running for your chosen cause. Options of 6km and 12km with 5 causes to support.
Marshmallow and cotton candy skies with chirpy runners. How long can one stay upset with parking woes and a runny tummy? Just 3 minutes max!

It was 12km for me. As soon as we flagged off, it was a mini slope to climb. And once we exited the carpark it was rolling hills galore. A good route that made it easier for me to keep my pace and not to get too excited with zooming off at high speed at flag off. A pretty straight forward route with plenty of marshalls and volunteers. The water stations were manned by friendly volunteers with water and electrolytes. It surprised me that for such a short distance, there were crews with Salonplas spray to help ease anyone who might have a cramp etc.

My thoughts through the 12km:
• KM1 - Oh my tummy...should I continue running?
• KM2 - Tummy spasms every now and then. Where's the toilet?
• KM3 - Tummy goes into more spasm. Gulp some electrolytes that I carried in my soft flask. Considered the idea of running into some bushes but it was one of those days that I had my Princess moments and preferred a portaloo or a proper toilet.
• KM4 - No portaloo in view and considering making a U Turn back to the start line.
• KM5 - Hey Evelyn...It is just another 7km more to go. Let's just slow down when the tummy misbehaves OK? No one quits with 7km more to go!
• KM6 - A sip of electrolytes every time my watch beeps seemed to have kept the stomach comfortable.
• KM7 - KM10 - Hey, this is all so familiar. I ran here before with Jo! That building is where we parked when we watched AXN Muay Thai Challenge.
• KM10 - KM11 - Time to speed up Evelyn. It is just 2 more to go. Gulped all my electrolytes. Squeezed the soft flask into a comforting squishy and I picked up my pace.
• KM11 - One more km to go. Put on your turbo Evelyn. It is just the last few corners, one last climb, the guardhouse and that damn slope to run down.
It was also good to see the hubster in my last 100 metres. Flashed him my toothpaste smile (you gotta be sweet to the husbter who makes the effort to wake up early to accompany you for a race that he is not running).

All 12KM completed on a cruise mode except for the last 2KM. Cruise mode means I was pretty much a chatterbox saying thank you, good morning, apa khabar, nice shoes and keep it up...It did wonders to distract me from my bad tummy to quite an extent.

Crossed the finish line at 1:19:06. Ranked 17 / 470 for category position and overall position of 119 / 1013. Definitely a satisfying Sunday morning in terms of the run but more satisfying because RM150,000 was successfully raised for WWF Malaysia, National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF), National Council of Women’s Organisations Malaysia (NCWO), and World Vision Malaysia (WVM). Thank you runners for your awesome contributions!
5 vibrant colours. Each representing a cause
Green (ENVIRONMENT) – to support environmental conservation
Orange (ANIMALS) – to support wildlife protection
Yellow (HEALTH) – to support healthy lifestyles and the fight against diseases
Pink (WOMEN) – to support women empowerment
Blue (CHILDREN) – to support the fight against child poverty
It was a good, cool and sunny morning. The morning definitely reminded me of some of my fave runs in Australia.
12KM done and dusted for a good cause!
• Adidas UltraBoost ST - stability model for support
• Steigen knee length to give the patella an extra support other than my kinesiology tape
• Suunto Spartan Ultra - set 5 seconds interval as a drinking reminder every 1km

If at all anything could be done to improve the event -  Portaloo would be good along the route as there was no buildings that we could run into for a toilet break unless one doesn't mind an extra few hundred metres and explaining to the security guards that one needs the toilet.

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Certainly looking forward to the 4th edition in 2018!

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