Recipe: Doggie Meatloaf / Happy 14th Barkday Shalom!

Happy 14th barkday Shalom! Kiddo Shalom turned 14 yesterday. A little outing for her before we celebrate later this month with her classmate Cleo. We intended it to be meatloaf picnic for her. Homemade of course like most of her treats.
The weather somehow messed up our Sunday plans. My fault too as I went off for a run earlier on and intended to end my run at the park so that we could picnic in the evening. A tad hot at 36°C so I didn't start on my run till 4pm. Still it was scorching hot only to be followed by a much needed rain shower (apparently my friends decided to wash their cars yesterday). The rain however messed up the birthday girl's meatloaf picnic yesterday. Pretty obvious from the picture...solemn face wondering why is it raining now?

I guess the sun and wind made it up to her this morning. Sunny blue skies but a lovely wind the whole time we were at the park. She took to the tree roots and slopes gently but pretty confidently considering she is blind and has weak hind legs from arthritis. Enjoyed her lil picnic of meatloaf too. And if you love making your own treats for your furkids, then check this out. A simple meatloaf recipe that goes well for both cats and dogs. And I kept it gluten free adding only some herbs and garlic for extra flavour. Egg worked to bind the meat together. Tomato because she generally loves tomatoes. If your furkid is older like Shalom, use less fatty meats because their digestion don't work that well with the fats. In this case, we mixed chicken and beef in equal portions instead of our regular recipe in her younger days of pork and beef or pork and lamb.

Ingredients: • 250g mince chicken • 250g mince beef
• 1 teaspoon mixed herbs
• 1 clove garlic (chopped)
• 1 egg

Instructions: • Mix all ingredients well.
• Place in baking pan and flatten with a fork or spoon.
• Bake in oven at 160°C for 40 minutes. • Cut when cool.
The egg used was a tad too big so stick to Grade C instead of Grade A size. The extra eggs oozed out on the sides.
This meatloaf keeps well in the fridge for up to 5 days. The hubster cut them into little cubes so that we can feed Shalom and her brother Shiloh one each before we head out to work or for their night snack before we sleep. Shalom has been one of the best things in our lives from the time we met her at the breeder's place. The unwanted litter as far as they are concerned because she didn't look right like her siblings who all had show dog markings like her parents but heck...she was the only one who wasn't barking the whole house down. Quiet but confident, a terror and rascal in her obedience class yet she was a perfect student on exam day. Acing her drills and the commands like a pro. It is amazing how 14 years passed by so fast. Live strong and long my dear senior puppy dog Shalom! Mummy still wants to compile more memories with you.

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