Hello Marché Mövenpick!

Marché Mövenpick
Marché Mövenpick opened in Pavilion KL. I kick myself that I didn't know that it is now opened so close to my workplace. I missed this restaurant ever since they closed down at their old place. In their new home, Marché Mövenpick is just as delicious and enjoyable if not better.

Diners can take delight in the good old fashion days of freshly prepared food upon ordering. Watch in delight as the chefs whip out live your choice of seafood and me and take delight is a superb selection of pizzas, pasta, artisanal focaccia sandwiches, both sweet and savoury crepes plus what I deem as Marché Mövenpick's signature crisp Swiss rösti! Plenty of dessert choices of cakes, cookies and ice cream. Quench your thirst with a wide selection of freshly squeezed juices, coffee, teas, wines and beers.

Marché Mövenpick make it a tad easier for everyone especially at lunch rush hours and lazy to think dinners with their set meals. The sets change often enough so check it out on their FB page or head in to see what the surprise is.

Our first visit on Friday night was a delightful one. While some of us were tempted with the set options, I guess the fun of choosing ala carte with add on proved to be everyone's choice. The portions are big so head in with friends and there are more share options beyond the usual pasta that we do elsewhere.
The usual friendly Swiss cow awaits you at the entrance Marché Mövenpick. As you enter, you will be given a card for you to bring around when you order your food. When you are ready to leave, pass the card to the cashier for them to tabulate your bill. Easy peasy.
If you want to have less hassle of thinking what to order, opt for the set meals. These are much faster too as I discover during lunch hour making it pretty possible to be within an hour grace period.
The hubster calls these 2 counters Evelyn's happy corners.
If you love crepes as much as my hubster, then have both your savoury and sweet ones here. Someone was so excited that he dug into his food without snapping any pics. 
Marché Mövenpick
Hydrate and tease your sweet tooth!
Hydration and happy hour options are plenty!
Marché Mövenpick
Freshly homemade pastas! Loads of sauces to choose from and it will definitely be my go to place for my next carbo loading lunch!
Marché Mövenpick
Pizza and more pizzas.
Marché Mövenpick
Happy chefs churn out tasty food! Here's our chef piecing together one of our orders.
Marché Mövenpick
The focaccia is delicious and the offer of RM13.90 is a good one too!
Marché Mövenpick
Rösti in a must in Marché Mövenpick. Perfect on its own RM8.90 or you can opt for add ons of cheese, sausages, ragout or even smoked salmon.
Marché Mövenpick
Rösti with add on sausage.
Marché Mövenpick
Mixed cheese rösti for me made better with some sour cream on the side. Perfect accompaniment will be a glass of  Sauvignon Blanc RM29.90
Marché Mövenpick
Carnivorous creatures can feast on a selection of roast and grill options. The roast beef was a popular choice with chicken wings being really good as well with your choice of beer.
Marché Mövenpick
Roast beef on its own is served with a salad. The smoked salmon proved to be too inviting so it is a delicious dinner or roast beef, smoked salmon and salad. Very keto friendly!
Marché Mövenpick
More meat galore for the hubster and pals with 3 portions of grilled ribeye at our table. RM59.90++ for a delicious juicy goodness. 
Cooked to your choice of perfect doneness. Just remember to pick it up as soon as the buzzer rings.

Friday is more often than not my carbo loading day for the weekend's long mileage or races. A galore of your choice homemade pasta and cheese in this Gratin Pasta RM27.90++.
Wine, rösti and a buzzer while waiting for my grilled salmon to be cooked.
A delightful and simple dish of grilled salmon 180g @ RM49.90++. Juicy and pink inside with crispy skin served with some greens.
Pizzas are great for sharing since we have ordered quite a few mains. If you like the base thinner, just let the chef know. Roasted chicken with loads of cheese and tomato RM26.90. You can opt to add button mushrooms RM5.90++, honeyed pineapple RM5.90++, roasted chicken RM5.90++ and garlic chili prawn RM7.90++.
Margherita @ RM24.90++ is my obvious choice. This base is slightly thinner as per request. 
If you like your pizzas with an added drizzle of olive oil like I do, then go ahead and help yourself with the condiments.
If you love lemonadesRM10.90 then this is a must order. You can also opt for fruity sparkling lemonade including mango, dragonfruit, kiwi and apple for RM10.90++.
Fresh fruit juices are also available at RM8.90++ for Small and RM10.90++ for Large. I opted for Juice of the Day with a blend of apple, beetroot and carrots.

If you love to end a meal with something sweet, delight in a choice of cakes, sweets, cookies and ice cream. Wash it down with coffee. tea or perhaps a glass of wine. Ice cream and yogurt for RM9.90++ Single Scoop and RM14.90++ Double Scoop.
Chocolate truffle RM9++
I am obviously in the mood for more chocolate goodness. This time washed down with a cup of hot Rooibos tea RM7.90 which compliments chocolate very well.
Latte at Rm10.90++ is a tad milky because of the serving size. If you like it stronger, opt for an extra shot at RM4.90++.

The decor at Marché Mövenpick, Pavilion KL is warm and friendly. Enjoy your meal in peace as they have colouring activities and a kids zone to keep the kids entertained. 

Kids zone
Colourful dining area. 

Marché Mövenpick Pavilion
Lot 1.29.01 & 1.29.02
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2110 1863

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