Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club

Me: Mum, let's go for dimsum in Klang.
Mum: Klang dimsum? You mean bak kut teh.
Me: Dimsum lah but if you are not full or satisfied after dimsum, we can always have bak kut teh too.

Not many would think of Klang for dimsum. Better known for bak kut teh and seafood, Klang is actually a hidden gem for dimsum. Make pork free dimsum at Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club in one of your must try spots the next time you head in to Klang town.

Contrary to what many think, pork free is not boring and definitely delicious. Choice ingredients and of course a very skilful chef is what makes the difference. And so my visit to Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club with my in laws (yes I call them mum and dad rather than any fancy technical terms) turned out to be a tummy pleaser for them. We left Toh Yuen in a food coma. So much so that our drive back home was a pretty sleepy one for us all.

The menu at Toh Yuen is extensive. One seriously needs a few sessions to run through the dimsum and ala carte menu. And our maiden visit warrants a return really soon and I can think of doing so immediately after the Klang International Marathon. I will definitely be famished after running 42.195km! Plus dim sum is affordable at RM6 nett per basket / plate!
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Service is prompt. Braised peanuts are served while we ran through the menu.
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Siew Mai
Hubster: Are you sure this is pork free dimsum?
Me: Definitely yes!
Hubster: Perfectly balanced ratio of chicken and shrimp. It has a real siew mai feel and taste.
Me; you are not missing pork siew mai, right?
Hubster: Ya. Can I have another serving?
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
 Fresh Prawn Beancurd
Simple but totally delicious. Crispy beancurd skin filled with fresh succulent prawns. So flavourful that one doesn't need to dip it into any sauce or even the mayonnaise served on the side. 
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Char Siew Bao
What is dimsum without char siew bao. This is of course chicken char siew bao. Being just pure chicken, of course the texture is a tell tale sign that this is chicken char siew bao but the flavours of the sauce is pretty simialr to the regular char siew bao.
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Fish Paste Mai
An all time personal favourite when I have dimsum. This is delicious made with just pure fish meat. Steamed just right, it has a lovely bounce and bite to it.
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Scallop Dumpling
Very valur for money with a generous slice of fresh prawn and scallop. RM6 for 4 pieces is definitely 'very cheap' compared to what we get at other dimsum places! Definitely value for money and highly recommended for scallop and prawn lovers.
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Fried Radish Cake
Sufficient wok hei and it came spicy enough as per my request. Every piece of the radish cake is soft inside but firm outside. Lovely crunch from the garlic and plump beansprouts. 
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Preserved Egg and Chicken Porridge
A must for dad whenever he has dimsum. Definitely a comforting and satisfying kick start to his weekend. He happily slurped away, So good that dad forgot to ask if anyone of us wanted to try it 🙊.

Since mum and dad joined the hubster and I, that meant that we could explore the menu a little more extensively since we have more folks to share the food with. The menu is extensive and incudes your regular Chinese dishes, pork free of course. 
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Mixed Seafood Spicy Soup with Glass Vermicelli RM30 nett/pax
Highly recommended if you love seafood. A spicy and very mouth watering dish. Snap your pics real fast and savour this as soon as it arrives at your table. Fresh goodness of prawns and scallop in a spicy and rich broth. Natural sweetness from the seafood and Chinese cabbage and gojiberry. This was so good that for a moment there was silence on our table as we savoured every bit of goodness. 
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
 I was hoping that someone wouldn't want their portion so that I could have more to myself. So memorable that we found ourselves talking about returning specifically for this dish and mum beat me to it because she returned with her pals from high school!
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Toh Yuen Style Fried Rice RM30 nett
Not quite your regular fried rice as Toh Yuen goes on a healthier note with the use of a few types of grains for better nutrition and flavour.
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
 Lamb Bones with Mongolian Sauce RM16 nett/pax
Deep fried with Chef's special batter. Crunch outside while the meat is rich and moist. Very well marinated that it is not gamey smelling. 
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Song Yong Kuan Mushroom in Chef's Special Sauce RM18nett
Lightly battered mushroom deep fried for an added crunch outside and coated with Chef's special sauce. I couldn't quite put my finger to the "happy" taste of the sauce but it does have some nuances of plum sauce. Chef obviously did not reveal his ingredients to his umami experience.

I have grown into a dessert monster these days. There is always room for dessert no matter how full I am. And so we hit the dimsum menu once again for dessert. Priced at RM6 nett per basket.
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Custard Bun or Lao Sar Bao
I eyed this the moment we arrived. Much discipline and willpower was needed that I didn't order this the very moment we stepped into Toh Yuen or else I might have just started and ended my meal with this i.e. a few servings of it!
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Generous filling of runny salted egg custard fills each bun. Finger licking good. 
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club

Egg Tarts

Creamy and rich egg tart. A right balance of sweet and savoury flavours in every bite.

Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Sesame Balls
More like a snack than dessert. Each 
煎堆 Jian Dui (Mandarin) / Jin Duei (Cantonese) is generously coated with yummy sesame seed and made with house made lotus filling. Chewy goodness in
every bite.
Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club
Kwai Fa Gou
Osmanthus jelly. Golden sweet goodness served chilled and makes the perfect palate cleanser after a heavy brunch of dimsum. This jelly is also perfect for the current weather and durian season. 

I think this brunch outing has definitely made our family realise that it is definitely worth it to drive all the way to Klang for dimsum. And if you are a Muslim, this pork free dimsum and Chinese cuisine is as authentic as it can get minus pork. Affordable and yummy too!
Klang Executive Club
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T: +603 3344 3888

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