Recipe: Tomato, Cheese and Rocket Puff Pizza

I craved pizza. I also wanted something that was flaky and rich. So birthed the crazy idea of Tomato, Cheese and Rocket Puff Pizza for Friday's tea time.

It was a crazy week of work this week. I barely slept 3 hours a day since last Saturday. Needless to say I wasn't eating proper meals or even eating enough so this puff pizza was probably my body's way of calling for calories needed for the weekend's mileage training and perhaps to make up for being 'starved'. So if you want something more calorie friendly, just replace this with a regular pizza dough instead.

• 2 pieces Puff Pastry - I have yet to figure out how to make this properly but there is always plenty of brands to choose from at the frozen section of any good grocer.
• 6 tablespoon pesto 
• 300g grated cheese 
• cherry tomatoes - sliced in halved
• 1 egg 
• rocket leaves

• Preheat oven to 200ºC.
• Place puff pastry on pan.
• Spread pesto on pastry leaving 1" or 2.5cm border all around.
Tomato, Cheese and Rocket Puff Pizza
• Beat egg and brush it on border.
• Top pastry with grated cheese and lightly press tomatoes onto cheese topping.
• Bake for 15 minutes or until borders are puffy and golden. 
Tomato, Cheese and Rocket Puff Pizza
• Top with rocket leaves and serve.

• I love rocket leaves, so I served a side of it to be added to the puff pizza as I munched on it.
• Mozzarella and cheddar works for this recipe and I used cheddar this time.
• It is really easy to make your own pesto. This round I made them a little coarse because I wanted to bite into more of the basil aromas. Recipe --> (this is a vegan version)

Being a crazy week of sorts, I was also too lazy to make my own pizza dough, the hubster was catching up with his beauty sleep as well and a 3km walk / run / cycle to grab my puff pastry from the neighbourhood grocer didn't sound like a good idea especially when I actually struggled with my short morning run. The body was tired but it also needed to eat.

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The cat litter monster Shiloh. Rascal wouldn't head into a pan unless the tray is filled with fresh litter every morning!

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PS: Shiloh and Shalom both went gaga over the the puff pizza with only cheese. Shiloh especially went into a craze of sitting and meow begging the oven to churn out more for him.